Past CAN Projects

Founded in 1969 in Riverside County, the organization has been instrumental in bringing about local, statewide, and national clean air policies and other activities which have focused on improving air quality, including:

* Providing important testimony at hearings which led to the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency;

* Taking legal action in 1985 to force the EPA to enforce the Clean Air Act;
* Orchestrating the state’s adoption of vapor recovery systems on gasoline dispensing nozzles;
* Working to ensure that the Air Quality Management Districts in California are more representative of the public;
* Leading the call in the early 1990s for a transition out of the petroleum era, into a new clean, renewable hydrogen-based economy;
* CAN Solar Hydrogen Vehicle Project - Demonstrating the feasibility of hydrogen as a safe, clean fuel system for vehicles with the CAN/Xerox Solar-Hydrogen On-site Generating Station, Fueling Facility, and Internal Combustion Engine Hydrogen Vehicle Fleet completed in 1995.

Projects & Programs
Current CAN Projects

* Clean Air Challenge national education program; 2004 - 2006

* Santa Monica renewable hydrogen refueling station;  2006

* Riverside hydrogen refueling station opening;